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Friday, June 4, 2010

Laptop battery life usually plays an important role as the heart of laptop. Battery life exposes performance, a mirror image of standby time, whose parameters inform you about replacement. Reduce of laptop battery can be displayed by battery life whose standby time decrease with it.

On this account, battery life is concerned frequently, especially since Windows 7 published. Microsoft claimed that additional new battery check tool to detect the energy resources, by which you will get the suggestion on laptop battery care. Compared to Windows XP/VISTA, it constitutes a new sole tool in Windows 7 which reminds you when the ac adapter is needed.

Operation procedure of check laptop battery life is as below.

STEP 1: Click Windows start menu – more programs – accessories – command prompt

STEP 2: Right click – run by identity of administrator.

STEP 3: Insert” powercfg -energy -output FolderEn Energy_Report.html” and press enter

STEP 4: Folder represents storage path of the report, such as D:/Reports

System will exam the laptop and create a data analysis report in the formulate of HTML.

In conclusion, check the battery life frequently will help you to gain the situation of your laptop battery just as our being need medical examination to repair and replace timely. All the batteries including ibm thinkpad battery and gateway laptop battery can be checked. Besides, battery care should be noticed to make it last longer. Guidance by Windows 7 is very necessary to you.

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