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Thursday, June 3, 2010

As a portable electric product, laptop has high requirements of all accessories. With the advanced technology, more functions have been added and grown into a necessity for business and daily life. Actually, it is a matter of the performance instead of the additional functions that received more attention.

As we all know, the heart of a laptop is mainboard which is installed inside the laptop. Nowadays, the most popular one is Centrino, specially designed by Intel. It is said that the laptop battery life can be extended by it. Besides, a packet of additional functions such as wireless has been gathered in one, which is called the innovation in the world of computer.

Since the battery can be prolonged by the mainboard, does it mean that the battery is less important? It is exactly not. On the prerequisite of the same mainboard, different batteries are definitely different.

For example, sony laptop battery will last for nearly 2 years. With the centrino installed, it may be extended to 3 years or more. But if it comes to be a gateway laptop battery, the effect will be different.

Besides, the laptop standby time will also be extended. On a business trip, ac adapter for laptop will be unnecessary.

Netbook becomes more popular with its advanced technology in wireless Internet access. However, the other accessories, such as DVD/CD drives, USB interface and keyboard, are not so good as other laptops.

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