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Thursday, June 3, 2010

As a bellwether in the laptop market, the quality of ibm thinkpad battery is praised by all walks of life. It is even said to be symbol of the status. What’s the secret of IBM?

Like other laptops, ibm thinkpad battery laptop is divided into four parts, that is, R series, X series, T series, Z series. With a rigorous market segment, all these series are designed for different levels.

R series, with the highest cost performance, are suitable for students; X series, with a fashionable appearance and light in weight, are attractive to ladies; Z series, with a wide screen, are popularized by businessmen, especially for designers; T series, with a luxurious cover and top quality, come to be the favorite of the elites.

As the basic knowledge has been learned, let’s step to the in-depth exploration.

Temperature pickup

The device will be sensitive if a certain temperature occurs. Once the condition of overheat happens, it will damage the whole battery or even the laptop.

Protection circuit

On the basis of temperature pickup, the circuit will take the action against the accidents. In case of overvoltage or overcurrent, the power will be cut by it automatically.

IBM thinkpad battery cells

The cells of ibm thinkpad battery are of high quality. The transducer, capacitance and isolating material are all inspected strictly.

Although IBM has been merged by Lenovo, the brand of thinkpad still left us a strong impression. From ibm laptop battery to lenovo laptop battery, it can be seen that the technology is hard to exceed.

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