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Monday, June 7, 2010

As is known to all, laptop computer is an electronic product with rapid update. For this reason, a used laptop seems to be more popular than ever? Are you just considering it? However, the factors like ac adapter and CPU are not easy to be tested. Or are you going to sell your used laptop? Are you clear about the actual value of it?

Here’s the list of factors you should consider before purchasing or selling. Some are the basic knowledge of the laptop which can be known from the seller or the Internet, while others are not. As the computer technology developed fast, especially for the new one, it is really hard to test. Besides, if it is an unpacked laptop, it won’t worth the expected value even if it is with a great allocation.

Laptop internal memory

Laptop internal memory is related to the running speed of laptop. In normal, the larger it is, the faster the laptop runs. If you are going to used Windows 7, a 2G one is the least. For Windows xp, 1G is necessary, or it won’t run smoothly. Certainly, a large internal memory isn’t supported by all the systems. For example, a 4G one is too large for Windows xp as it is limited by 2G. Certainly, for the sellers, a higher internal memory will get you a better price.


There’re two suppliers of CPU in the market, that is, AMD, Intel. Nowadays, the Centrino from Intel is said to be the best. Miraculously, it can also make the laptop battery last longer. And it has updated for several generations. If you occur to have a laptop with Centrino, no matter which generation, your laptop is still popular.


For most laptops, the warranty varies from 1 year to 3 year. If the accessories happen to be damaged, it will save you a lot of money. In some places, an extra expense will get you an extended warranty. For example, in our website, a new replacement battery for dell inspiron 9300 laptop will cost you $66.24 while the option of 3 years warranty for only $39.95.

Usually, a private deal will provide you a good price. However, without the knowledge, you may lose a lot. Consider the above information seriously before making a deal. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed about the laptop or the price. Wish you good luck in the deal.

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