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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For most users, it is useless to charge the laptop battery to 100%. In normal, the remaining power always varies from 20% to 98%. The protection circuit in the battery takes effect when it comes to be about 98%. Therefore, the condition of overcharging can be avoided.

Practicly, overheat caused by overcharging is dangerous, which is said to be the primary factor to the laptop damage. Supposed a dell laptop battery charger continues to provide power to the dell laptop battery without the effect of the protection circuit, what will happen to the battery? To some extent, for a laptop battery, it should attach great importance to the circuit instead the cells only.

You may have experienced that it is not until the indicated standby time that the laptop comes into the state of auto sleep. It cannot put the blame on the battery only, which may be caused by the damage of the indicator software. The problem should be checked carefully, or it won’t be fixed thoroughly.

If the standby time decreases rapidly or it is much shorter than usual, there must be some damage to the laptop battery. You can conduct a calibration method to your dell laptop before purchasing a new dell laptop replacement battery.

The way to regulate is that discharging fully and recharging for nearly 3 times. Usually, the battery will bring back to life even if it is not so good as a new battery for dell inspiron 9300 laptop.

In early times, many dell laptop batteries are Ni-cd batteries which need the calibration at least once a month. Actually, a li-ion laptop battery still has a little memory effect. The method can make the battery worn out slower.

Briefly, the laptop battery charging is not only the business of charging in the use, but the activation and maintainance as well. The correct way to charge laptop battery is an art with profound skills.

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