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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There’re two reports about the recalling hp laptop battery that overheat comes to be the primary factor. As we all know, a lot of damage is caused by overheat, such as auto power-off or even inflaming. The problem has affected several laptop models.

It is reported that the problems have covered several types of hp laptops. Compaq evo laptop battery is also involved in the recalling list. Since it is merged by hp, compaq laptops are one of the most popular laptops. As hp is the largest laptop suppliers in the world, it seems to be more serious than others.

Then what the root factors that overheat caused by? It is said that a laptop battery is composed by two primary parts, that is, battery cells and protection circuit. The circuit is sensitive when it occurs to be fully charged. Once it is damaged, laptop is easy to be overheat.

In addition, battery capacity is another factor to the problem. A larger capacity one not only does not damage the laptop but also improve performance and prolong the standby time. Usually, the actual capacity won’t exactly be the same as the designed value.

In fact, such cases have happened to many brands except for hp. It is common to us in everyday life. Have you experienced that the laptop came to be hotter and hotter in a period of use. Certainly, overheat is not only caused by the two factors as above. Some details in daily work should also be paid attention to.

Although the volume of sony laptop battery recalling is larger, it is hp that makes us start to review the problems of laptop battery. Safety comes to be a big concern for us. Besides, both the attributes structure and method of use are important, which are not paid attention before.

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