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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Laptop can be divided into business use and home use based on levels of users. Even if they are of the same brand, you may find that even the laptop battery is different, such as like hp, ibm and sony. With time goes by, the laptop is not a mere tool but the fashion product. According to the appearance, it can also be classified by fashion sets, super-thin sets, normal sets and limitted versions. All these have made the laptops more fruitful than ever.

laptop battery, Ferrari laptop

According to statistics indicate that since 2005, the sales volume of laptops has been increased by nearly 20% each year while that of the desktop computer is only 8%. Calculated by the growth rates, more than half of the users are working with laptops in the world.

Fundamentally speaking, the primary advantage of laptops is the portability. With decreasing in the cost and increasing in the functions, laptop becomes more and more popular. And the laptop battery is the biggest difference among them, such as hp laptop battery. Once it is damaged, laptop may be out of work.

Furthermore, there’re some occupations that laptops are the necessity to them, such as salesmen, designers, secretaries, IT workers, executives and so on.

professional laptop battery

For salesmen, it won’t be limited by varied working area; for designers, a creative design can be recorded anywhere.

With netbook is released, more diversity has been provided to the laptops. Although the technology is still developing, it will become the main tendency of the laptops to be multifunctional and fashionable.

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