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Thursday, June 10, 2010

For the laptop battery, if it is installed in the laptop, when connected to the charger, it must be charging. As there must be a little exhaustion in a period of storage, it is impossible to reach 100%. Even if the charging time is short, each time it is connected to the charger, the battery life reduces. Certainly, the conditions vary from all laptops. Before operation, it is better to check the laptop instruction.

How to charge the laptop battery properly?

laptop battery charging

For one thing, it is best to discharge the laptop battery until shutting down automatically each time.

For another, it is unnecessary to be particular about it. You can charge it whenever you want.

Indeed, neither of your two points is correct. Normally, when the remaining power comes to be 3%, it will remind you to recharge. Certainly it can be set by yourself.


No matter it is a li-ion battery or a Ni-mh battery, the memory effect exists. Comparatively, the effect is much more obviously in the Ni-mh batteries than that in the li-ion batteries. The incipient dell laptop battery is a Ni-mh one.

Some statements that there’s no memory effect are only the means of propaganda. It is best to charge the battery when it occurs to be 3% of power remained. As to the latter point, the operation will reduce the battery life rapidly.

Therefore, it is no need to recharge the battery until shutting down automatically. Due to the circuit to prevent it from overcharge and overdischarge, even if the laptop is shutting down automatically, the remaining power hasn’t reached the dominant value. Certainly, for the memory effect, it is good for the battery to be exhausted before charging.

As to the li-ion batteries, such as compaq evo laptop battery, the influence of the memory effect is far inferior to that of the natural loss.

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