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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Many laptop manufacturers or retailers have advised the user to charge to new laptop battery for more than 10 hours. It must be the word that causes the misunderstanding. In my opinion, manufacturers and retailers are worried that users cannot charge the new battery properly. Therefore, the method of charging more than 10 hours seems to be the expediency to them.

Should laptop battery be removed when connected to ac adapter?

protection circuit of laptop battery

For one thing, laptop battery must be removed; for another, it is no used to do like that.

Indeed, the contradiction of the problem lie in the point that if the battery is charging when connected to ac adapter. After all, it is the recharging circles that determine the battery life. Normally, the life span of a li-ion laptop battery is about 400 to 600 while a special one with the circles of nearly 800. The process has reduced the life span each time.

The former point means that although the battery is not charging, the process of discharge will also increase the recharging circles. Besides, it is at the risk of overcharging. The latter means that even if the battery is installed in the laptop, it cannot get the power from the adapter. All in all, either of them still not overall.


Considering of the vulnerability, many laptop batteries are designed with protection circuits. However, the batteries of all brands are different. Some large manufacturers are good in this respect, such as dell, ibm, toshiba and lenovo. Among them, ibm seems to be the best. The battery for ibm t30 laptop can monitor the condition of battery charging. It is until the remaining power is less than 95% that the battery begins to discharge. Nowadays, many other manufacturers are following the lead of the technology.

As to the batteries of this kind, it is no use of you to remove it when it is fully charged. Nevertheless, if you are going to use the laptop for a long time, you’d better remove it for the heat, produced by long time use, is bound to hurt the battery.

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