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Thursday, June 10, 2010
expensive laptop battery, expensive ac adapter

Both the laptop battery and ac adapter are expensive articles of consumption, which has attracted a lot of disputes.

With the popularity of laptop computer, many problems about it come in pairs. All kinds of statements about the correct operation of it are common, which are different from each other. With many years of experience, we have summed up some points of them.

Is the activation necessary to a new laptop battery?

For one thing, the new battery is with 3% power energy remained. It should be fully discharged until shutting down and then recharged by an external power supply. The process of activation must be repeated for three times while the charging time must be more than 12 hours.

For another, it is no need for a li-ion laptop battery to be activated by a more than 10-hour charging.

Indeed, the latter point is closer to the truth. The result of an official experiment shows that more than half of the laptop batteries are in good condition while they were charged for only two and a half hour in the first use.


It is reported that the manufacturers have completed activation of new laptop batteries. It is to avoid the damage of discharging that a little power remained. The process of activation cannot be achieved when it is under the work of protection circuit. For li-ion batteries, such as battery for dell inspiron 9300 laptop, once they are fully charged, the indicator lights die out and no more power will be provided.

There’s a simple way to check if the battery is in the process of charging. When there’s some electric power flowing from the adapter, the battery must be hot. However, nearly one hour after indicated to be fully charged, you’ll find that the battery is extraordinary cool. The fact has shown the all.

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