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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Phone is the device to transfer the voice through two-way telecommunication signal. From telephone to usb phone, all kinds of phones have emerged in the market. Everyone can choose his appropriate phone. Thus, we’re going to introduce some in detail.

BlackBerry Smart Phone

blackberry phone

Blackberry is a mobile device based on the technology of a two-way paging network. Combined with the server of RIM, it can realize incoming / outing mails from whenever from wherever. With special server software, it is compatible with the wireless data link in existence. In fact, it is not popularized by fantastic pictures and color screen, or even acoustic generator.

After the 911 accident, the phone has raised a boom among all walks of life in US as it sent the messages in time. It is the accident that gives the blackberry phone a new journey in the market.

As is known to all, the target population of the phone includes executive staffs and business owners. The primary contributor to its success is the plan of integrated office system. It provides a wireless portable office equipment to deal with large amount of information. As long as the mobile gateway and a software system installed, it can achieve wireless link. Above all, the highlight of blackberry smart phone is the function of e-mail sending. The e-mail sever takes an active action in sending e-mails to users instead of checking the network frequently.

Mobile Phone

mobile phone

Mobile phone is a portable terminal device used in a wider range. In early times, there was a kind of mobile phone, that is, a cellular phone. Furthermore, there’s a device, called usb telbox, which can be used to convert your traditional phone line into skype phone.

Nowadays, the most popular mobile phone is divided by 2G, 3G and even 4G with the digital standards converter. Except for the function of voice communication, it can be used to sending and receiving text messages, SMS, MMS, wireless application protocol and so on. After the popularity of 3G technology, 4G has been released by iPhone these days.

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