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Saturday, June 12, 2010

In shape, mobile phone consists of a LCD screen, a set of keyboard and so on. For some mobile phones, they are designed of touch screens with less bottons. Nowadays, some even have an usb world interface while others are special.

With time goes by, many additional functions have been developed, such as mp3, camera, PSP, GPS and so on. It is said that a new device will be made with the functions of both mobile phone and PDA.



Telephone is the most important communication tool during the previous century. It works by converting voice to voltage signal and retransforming to another terminal by a telephone transmitter. As usually held in a certain place, it is also called fixed phone and landline.

A simple circuit of telephone includes receiver and transmitter in the separated places, power supply and electric wires. All these share the connection in series. In theory, it can also be charged by usb phone adapter.

In functions, it comprises vibration and melody mode, redialing, caller identification and so on. Of course, some of them must be achieve with the help of telecommunication companies.

Telephone has also developed into various kinds, such as cordless phones with base station. The cordless one can be used in a certain range which is based on the location of the base station. Normally, this kind of telephone is of a good voice effect.

Nevertheless, the technology of call center is also based on the telephone, which is widely used by many companies in all industries. With the technology, you can deal with a large amount of incoming and outgoing calls at the same time.

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