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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Have you ever taken the laptop charger damage into account? In some conditions, several problems of laptop occur accidently even in normal operation. An electrocution or fire disaster would be cause by laptop adapter damage besides absence of your undone work. There are several damage factors below for your reference.

Laptop power cord

laptop power cord, laptop charger

It is one of the most serious factors of laptop adapter damage. Sometimes laptop cord curve is caused by the pressure of chair. It is needed to relax to keep in a good condition. Your cord resist the power energy from adapter, that means replacement is necessary. Besides, fire disaster or electrocution may be also caused by exposed wires, for which adapter will be damaged rapidly. Since then, ask the seller for information and buy a new adapter instead of repairment.

Laptop brick

laptop brick, ac adapter

It is an important part of adapter, with a black box for voltage transformation, connected by power outlet and motherland. The brick, consists of microelement, is in the high dangerous of damage. If the LED on it light off, the brick could be out of work. Laptop brick care is about the heat dissipation and relaxation. The solution e is still replacement instead of repairment.

Laptop computer

Problems of laptop computer come to be more complex compared to other factors. The hole, connected to the adapter, called power port, is the most common factor for its break. If you suffer the contract miss just as get power only with press or occasionally, the typical phenomenon may be occurred to the power port. The problem could be fixed by repairment, but it is considered not to be worth the value. Replace the entire adapter according to your laptop model could be best.

As above is some component damage of laptop adapter which should be noticed first when the adapter is out of work. Never to underestimate the damage for its affect will ruin the laptop in some cases including a cheap laptop ac adapter. Information about test methods and solution will be published in NO.2.

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