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Sunday, June 13, 2010

With portable laptop is needed more, laptop battery standby time is expected to be longer, especially more applications bloom currently. How to improve the standby time comes to be one of the top problems in laptop.

Without a doubt, laptop battery standby time is determined by many factors. Here, we are only going to share you some tips in daily use.

1. Adjust laptop power setting

From Windows XP/Vista to Windows 7, power setting is always providing you a good condition to protect your laptop batteries. A system tool, called power saver, can adjust the laptop into an energy-saving statement. It can be found in power options if you check all sections of power option by automatic performance such as dimming the screen.

2. External disk and disc drives in laptop

external disk, disc drives

When an external disk or a disc drive is running in your laptop with no ac adapter, more power will be exhausted even if it is out of use. Never to keep an external disk all day, which also damage both the device and the notebook. The best way to do is copying the data to the internal disk if permitted, which will help you to save power for more importance.

Disc drives are the same. Although they are not in running, they still spare the power with a large resource usage. Just take away the discs to avoid running every time you turn on the laptop.

3. Brightness of laptop screen

laptop battery, standby time, laptop screen

Even if brighter the screen will provide you a better reading environment, it is unwise to lighter the screen. In general, it takes the maximum power in all parts. More power will be saved if you dim it, which can also be helpful to your eyesight.

Just use the keyboard to gain more power for your sony vaio laptop battery, hp pavilion dv9000 laptop battery and other laptop batteries.

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