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Thursday, June 17, 2010

To maintain the laptop battery, laptop bag is another necessary factor. After all, it is unavoidable and a remarkable character for a laptop to carry here and there. Compared to a regular briefcase, a high-quality laptop bag will provide a safe and comfortable house to prevent it from squeezing, scratching, bilging and so on.

Use the laptop battery in regular time

Laptop computer is one of portable mobile computing device, which has priority in terms of incorruptibility, durability and so on. Every laptop must have been broken own if not used properly, even if the hp laptop battery and dell laptop battery. Here, we’ll talk about how to avoid these kinds of faults in daily work.

In the last chapter, we suggested that not to remove the screen protection film or stick the film on again when not in use. Therefore, the chemical conversion coating can be protected efficiently, or it will be oxy-genated rapidly. Furthermore, try not to touch the screen by fingers, nails or other hard objects.

There’s always a cotton paper in the package of a new laptop. You can put it between screen and keyboard to reduce wear and tear. Then the screen won’t be scratched by it.

It is said that moisture is the primary enemy to laptop computer, ac adapter and laptop battery. Except for having a drink, eating fruits, try to keep the laptop away from the damp places. A serious humidity will damage the screen or even internal components. Particular attention should be giving to winter and summer. At that time, dewing phenomenon will emerge caused by the large temperature differences. If the LCD screen has been charged with electricity, liquid crystal electrodes may be corroded or even out of work enduringly.

During the plum-rain season, pay attention to turn on the laptop for a while so as to keep off humidity by the heated components. Besides, you can put a moisture-proof bag in the laptop bag.

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