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Friday, June 18, 2010
160 feet cordless phone for skype

160 feet usb cordless phone for skype is one of the most popular products in our website. From the title, you may find that it can be used in the distance of about 160 Feet. After connecting the base to the computer, the usb phone can be used in the range of 50 meters. Compared to a Wi-fi phone, it is prior to work on both wireless network and broadband network with only one-third off the price while it is able to work with multi-soft phones.

Certainly you can connect it to the usb phone adapter. Therefore, it will gain more distance from it and don’t need to connect to computer by usb interface. Just like a router, it will separate a part of network to the phone. Does it mean that even the usb phone is also useless?

To some extent, the point is right. In our website, there’s another valuable product, usb telbox, which can convert a normal phone into a Skype phone. Furthermore, even voice mail, Skype calls forwarding, 3-way conference, record functionality and many other brilliant functions are available.

Nearly everyone hope to spend less on the call expense, especially in financial crisis. For most of the users, more convenience and less cost are the goals we have been pursued for a long time. How to get the balance from these two factors should be considered seriously by the operators.

As a matter of fact, the service quality improvement of VOIP is essentially a business of users’ actual demands. Any great inventions won’t last long if they haven’t taken the users habit and experience into account. For VOIP suppliers, it shouldn’t count on only a low price to meet the demands of users. From the users’ actual requirements, with continuous innovation and advanced functions, VOIP is bound to attract more and more users.

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