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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sony is said to be the symbol of fashion trends. Especially for sony vaio series, the shape design is largest selling point with many young girls have been attracted. Therefore, for sony vaio laptop battery, both quality and appearance should be taken into account by the manufacturer. Except for apple, sony has a strict requirement in the appearance of all parts.

As is known to all, laptop batteries are complicated in the internal structure. Above all, the output power is the primary factor. For the laptop, all components including CPU and protection circuit gain the power energy from the battery. Once it cannot meet the needs of these components, it is dangerous to get risk of overheat. So is sony laptop battery.

In addition, the fine workmanship is also important to the quality. In fact, the interface has determined the stability of power supply. Without fine workmanship, even with the best battery cells, it won’t be used in the laptop properly.

Certainly for most sony users, the compatibility in the appearance is even more important than the quality. They don’t want the laptop battery to spoil the sight of the whole laptop. The factors contain color, planeness, glossiness, tactility and so on.

Comparatively, the sony ac adapter seems to be less important. In usb phone world, vgp ac19v19 is the most popular sony laptop battery charger. With the high capacity of 90W and low price of only $21.26, the adapter is praised to be the most valuable one. Besides, it is also good in compatibility which can be fit to many sony vaio series.

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