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Monday, June 21, 2010

As a businessman of frequent trips, all kinds of electronic products should be packed before leaving, such as laptop computer, digital camera, mobile phone and so on. Therefore, how to deal with the ac adapter becomes a primary problem to you.

First of all, learn more about your schedule of business trip. The details of schedule include departure time, flight time, hotel, conference and so on. All these are related with the usage of the electronic products. For example, if you’ll have a long flight time from New York to New Zealand, you should check if there’s an external power supply for you on the airplane. Normally, it is available in first class, business class and parts of tourist class.

To be on the safe side, you’d better have a replacement laptop battery with you. The long time on flight is enough to take care of something regarding business. Once there’s no power supplied to you, the replacement battery will be the last line of defense. If not, image how much time or even money will be lost for it.

Besides, you’ll be asked to check these products when passing the safety inspect door and customs. To save time, you’d better turn on the laptop before checking which inquires you to get enough power in it.

Furthermore, to save money, you can have an usb world with you. With it, you can finish a business call by free from both computer and VOIP. In addition, the conference can also be achieved by skype or usb phone. Therefore, an usb phone adapter is also necessary. Not only the money but also more time will become a God's gift to your business trip.

As to the ac adapter, many kinds of ac adapters will make you confused. If not settled down properly, these cables may drive you mad in the end.

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