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Monday, June 21, 2010

The ac adapters required for your business trip includes ac adapter for laptop, digital camera, mobile phone, PDA, usb phone, etc. When packing for these adapters, you’ll find that the power cords have entangled with each other. How to pick up the right one has become a big problem to you.

Most of people will think of sharing the ac adapter with colleagues. As to the products such as mobile phone and usb phone, it is OK as long as the interface is fit. As to the laptop, it comes to be more complex. Although many laptops share the same interface with each other, the ac adapter may not compatible with each other. For instance, hp compaq nc6000 ac adapter cannot be used in dell laptops or even some hp laptops.

It is said that replacement laptop batteries is usually prior to the original ones on the compatibility. In theory, they can be fit to several laptop models even for other brands. However, you’d better follow the indication of the compatible laptop models list. As the internal structure for laptop ac adapter is so complex that the components are designed special for a certain laptop model. Of course, you can have a universal ac adapter to keep away the trouble from laptop power cord .

Actually, as to mobile phone, it is the same. As the interfaces are usually different from each other, it is hardly to share the same ac adapter. At this moment, the adapter transducer will help you to fix it. In my opinion, the usb telbox, a new product in usb phone world, is a best choice to you. Usb phone, mobile phone or even fixed telephone can be switched into computer. Then no matter how many phones you own, you can figure out the phones and calls from the LCD screen.

To have a perfect business trip, many details are usually the primary contributor. Even if these tools would be ignored before, they have influenced you a lot for both personal life and business work. Ac adapter is only a part of them while many others should be considered seriously before departure. Wish you have a good time!

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