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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The problems of those large enterprises

From the events of hp laptop battery and Toyota Moto, it is the problems of those large enterprises. Looking back into history, we can see that there’re striking similarities in hp and Toyota. Both of them succeeded by smart execution and cost control method. In 2006, according to annual income these years, hp passed ibm as the global largest high-tech enterprise. In 2007, hp surpassed dell as the top PC manufacturer in the world.

As to Toyota, it passed GM as the world's biggest car manufacturer in 2008. For hp and Toyota, too fast expansion may cause indigestion. That is to say, no matter it is the car or laptop battery, both of them are not accidents.

Therefore, someone attributes the problems to the common fault of large enterprises in the process of development. That is to say that they have paid too much attention to the speed of expansion, market share and more profits which led the enterprises to overstaffing, sluggish information, falling quality and public relations crisis.

Tell from another angle, as to hp, what the quality problems bring about is not only the deficiency of confidence and trust from customers. Lenovo seems to be an excellent example. After merger, from ibm thinkpad battery to lenovo thinkpad battery, high-end corporate image of thinkpad has been hurt badly.

Although the vast merger has helped lenovo to gain a part market in the international market, it is hard for lenovo to change the thinkpad into a real treasure. Some professionals even said that the only way for lenovo is to exploit new series while appropriately sacrifice some functions with lower price. However, the way may land lenovo in an awkward situation. It is the high-end of business laptops that hp took advantage of the weak point.

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