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Friday, June 25, 2010

All alone, although customers can get free maintenance, changing or refunding, the quality problems really have a great influence on the manufacturers.

On October 29th of 1999, Toshiba has provided 1.05 billion dollars to American users as the compensation. Actions like this really have taken a great effect on the reputation of enterprises. Anyway, the root of Toshiba products, including toshiba laptop battery and toshiba laptop battery chargers, is to improve the technology and quality.

As is seen from these examples, what saved from the cost before is equal to the expenses to deal with the consequence. Hp intended to save money on the after-sale service of laptop battery which caused great financial losses. Besides, it is so hard for hp to back to the top one in the laptop market.

As to customers, after all, precautions are better than remedial actions. More money won’t get the recognition of product quality by users. As a matter of fact, for all enterprises, it is hard to establish loyalty among consumers.

Of course, even if with the same quality, cheap laptop ac adapter may attract many customers for a short while. It is necessary for manufacturer to make the brand wins customer approbate to occupy more market share. Just as ipod to mp3, nokia to mobile phone and Google to search engine, the brand is no longer a pure name but the pronouns of certain products.

From the gate of hp, many problems hidden from those largest enterprises emerge in the market. As an industry, reasonable policy standard is good to both enterprises and itself. As a rapid developed industry with advanced technology, growing trend should be considered seriously.

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