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Friday, June 25, 2010

Recently, the new ac adapter comes to be in short supply mainly compatible with dell inspiron 6000. The high demand on the adapter has surprised us a lot. And it is caused by all sorts of factors.

As released early, dell inspiron 6000 has been discontinued which cannot be available to many sellers. However, with the advantages of balanced deployment, easy to carry and appropriate price, these two laptops has been popularized for a long period.

Unexpectedly, as the discontinued models, Dell has not enough adapters reserved for dell inspiron 6000. And it leads to a shortage of the original supplies. For this reason, some compatible adapters become a hot product in the market.

To meet the additional needs, usb world phone has increased the supply for these new AC adapters compatible with dell inspiron 6000 and some other models. As is seen in the product page, the adapter is designed strictly conformed with the nominal voltage and current. Followed the good performance of Dell, the adapter is safety and even exceed the original one.

With the universal input of 110V-220V, business trip to any countries like Britain, Germany or China, the new adapter will play well with your dell inspiron 6000 or other compatible models. The adapter is sure to get you avoid considering the mains supply of the terminal countries.

Although in the state of tight market and good performance, the new adapter occurs to be with a low price. For its warranty of 1 full year, the adapter is really a new one instead of a refurbished one. For the further 3 years warranty, it costs you only $39.95. If you happen to be the user of dell inspiron 6000, you may just as well buy the new compatible adapter. And you may enjoy the condition it provides.

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by: USB Phone World