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Monday, June 28, 2010
lighter in ac adapter

It is reported that someone who hid a cigarette lighter in the ac adapter for laptop was arrested. He wanted to muddle through the security screening checkpoint but failed.

On June 16th, a Korean passenger was seized airport security staff. When performing the duty of security screening, they suddenly found a thin black line in a package by X-ray apparatus. The line seemed to be cylindrical and irregularly shaped. With the knowledge of lighter ignition devices, the operator was sure that there must be a lighter in it. Then he asked to make open-package inspection.

According to the normal inspection, they didn’t find any lighters in the package. At this moment, the operator considered that if it is hidden in the laptop charger. Then he took out the charger from the package and checked separately by X-ray apparatus. In the presentation, he could clearly see that a cigarette lighter in the picture of the laptop charger. To find out the lighter, he had a close-up view of the charger and felt something strange with the charger. It turned out to be a layer of cellulose tape in the ac adapter. After uncovering the tape, a lighter emerged on the side.

Upon inquiry, the passenger admitted it was to escape the safety inspection that he wrapped the laptop charger with cellulose tape. In accordance with the relevant provisions, security staff will take over the passenger to the public airport security organs. The result of transaction is under discussion.

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