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Monday, June 28, 2010

After that, all of the information about lenovo laptop battery was faxed to Lenovo customer service department. Then he received a call from Lenovo customer service that he could get the maintenance with a lower price. As the laptop of Mr. Jiang was not in the warranty period, one year warranty, it couldn’t be repaired or replaced free.

However, Mr. Jiang wasn’t satisfied with the answer.

He said that the problem of Lenovo F41 laptop battery had become a public issue instead of individual. Why couldn’t the Lenovo laptop battery be recalled just as hp laptop battery, sony laptop battery or the former lenovo laptop battery?

To get more information about the problem, we researched for the related regulations and international standards. We learned from computer quality testing center that all the laptop batteries are different from each other as the use conditions and individual habits. For example, someone may raise the voice from the horn or play video games and movies for a long time, which will reduce the laptop battery life.

For this reason, it is really hard to develop a series of standards on laptop battery. With more accidents happened, the experts are just getting on with the standards urgently.

Until now, Mr. Jiang still insists to ask for replacement and recalling from Lenovo. He believed that as there’re established cases before, it should also be solved in the same way. Of course, the popular problems in the market will lead to a further processing method. We will stay focused on this event.

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