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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
usb phone world

Atbatt is a leading online retailer of laptop accessories. As a great competitor of usb phone world, it has a lot of bright spots, such as well-designed appearance and fruitful product varieties. However, compared to usb phone world, these advantages seem to become weakness.

Usb phone world specializes on laptop battery, ac adapter and cheap laptop ac adapter for all major brand laptop. Comparatively, atbatt has more product varieties, such as laptop battery, digital camera battery, cell phone, power tool battery and so on. Of course, atbatt has a comprehensive coverage of batteries. However, as to laptop accessories, the specified products like laptop battery and laptop charger seem to be more professional.

As to certain laptop models, the research of the structure is very important. Therefore, users more believe that the laptop batteries in usb phone world have a better compatibility and stability. Although atbatt have speciality in all the batteries, it couldn’t have paid more attention to the laptop performance.

Just as a football player, he has a strong ability in football skills, but he couldn’t be good at all sporting events. People will commemorate him as a professional football player more than an athlete. For the same reason, if someone wants to buy a laptop battery, he won’t get the retailers of mobile phone batteries and radio batteries. So is the laptop ac adapter.

Furthermore, except for someone who pursues for beauty, such as sony laptop users, well-designed appearance will lose the users’ trusts in quality and performance.

Anyway, atbatt has its own advantages in all kinds of accessories. However, the professional services have made usb phone world dominate in laptop accessories.

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by: USB Phone World