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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

As to the accidents of lenovo laptop battery occur recently, many users, especially for lenovo users, keep close on the event. To meet the requirements of users and defend the company brand image, lenovo has made an instruction.

After the report, Lenovo contacted sony to inspect the samples of certain laptop batteries. According to tests, the damage is related with the user habit which is of low probability. However, as the accidents have influence a large range of users, Lenovo also has taken some concerted steps.

Lenovo said, the battery lenovo F41 can get two years warranty. If anyone who suffered from the accident of rapid discharging or battery dead can contact lenovo service stations to have a test. If it is confirmed, he can get a free replacement laptop battery with a further one year warranty. So are those who have got the replacement from lenovo customer service.

With regard to the solution of lenovo, we think it is reasonable if the result of inspection is exactly true. The factors of user habit and battery quality are both the primary cause of this kind of accident.

As we’ve told that the laptop battery life will be reduced rapidly if not maintain properly. The work condition, running programs and charging method can all influence the battery a lot. Therefore, even if with the same laptop battery, the life span comes to be different from each other. We suggest that if someone who needs to work with external power supply for a long time, it is best to unplug the laptop battery to get the maximum performance and life span.

However, with more accidents emerged in the market, sony battery cells are doubted by many people. The veracity of sony inpection is really hard to say. Furthermore, the relative standard is still in the bud. Although the li-ion battery has benefited us a lot, the quality and stability need a further control.

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