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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Level 8 technology and usb phone world are both newly developing online retailer in the industry of laptop accessories. It can also be seen that they share the same products in many laptop models, such as hp laptop battery, cheap laptop ac adapter and apple laptop battery.

Although these two retailers seem to be similar with each other, there’re still some differences in some aspects. In Nex Tag, a popular comparison website, usually usb phone world ranks first while level 8 technology follows. In my opinion, except for user experience and after-sale service, the primary contributor is the price.

Certainly, the products of level 8 technology are of reasonable price, however, those of usb phone world are even cheaper. It is said that to further the market share, usb phone world gets little profit from users at present. I think it is really a good chance to buy more laptop batteries or ac adapters in usb phone world.

In addition, usb phone is a distinguishing feature of usb phone world. For laptop users, any bright spots will attract more attention, especially for those new products to save money and improve work efficiency. Comparatively, level 8 technology seems to be simpler. But maybe it will help it to win sales from targeted clients.

Furthermore, in usb phone world, users can get a further three-year warranty with a small expense. Though return in 30 days from level 8 technology is attractive, but the condition of laptop accessories makes it different. As is known to all, laptop accessories will suffer from many accidents after one year. Without the further warranty, it means that users should buy a new replacement whose expense is much more expensive than that to warranty.

The result is obvious. In financial crisis, more Americans come to kick the unnecessary products away from their shopping lists. Price and cost have been considered seriously by them. I think it is for this reason that usb phone world will win more customers from now on.

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by: USB Phone World