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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

After the releasing of Windows 7, Microsoft has set out to research and develop a subsequent product, Windows 8, which is a common secret in the industry. Earlier reports suggest Windows 8 is said to improve laptop battery life a lot.

What is interesting is that a marketing promotional document of Windows 8 was revealed by internal employee. It is seen from the document that Windows 8 may be released in 2012 with revolution and brand new products which are entirely different from the former ones. Of course, most of the details about Windows 8 are still kept by Microsoft.

Although we cannot confirm the authenticity of these documents, the resource of the information increased the credibility. It is got from Ecosystem Forum held by Microsoft. It is seen from these documents that some additional functions include USB 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0, face recognition, real-time startup, 3D solid technology, etc.

windows 8, extend laptop battery life

Furthermore, Microsoft has prepared to take full advantage of transducer in Windows 8, such as HID, accelerometer, distance sensor and so on. For netbook and laptop computer, the GPS function is available, which is realized by new motherland system and WWAN. Therefore, with the great acceleration of start up and power off time, the life span of laptop computer battery will be improved obviously.

Meanwhile, Windows 8 is also said to copy Apple Mac with prior to apple laptop battery. The effect of extended laptop battery life remains to be proved later. As to the operating system, no matter what kind of new additional functions they are, the most important thing is the open attitude.

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