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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

With distinguished features, apple laptop battery is always facing tremendous pressure. Today, we’ll show you an official use method of the battery. With only a little care on it, it can get to the maximum condition with extended laptop battery standby time and life span.

apple laptop battery

New apple laptop battery

If you have just bought a new apple laptop, remember to full charge the battery before starting up. After that, you can run any new software in the laptop at will. Furthermore, apple will regularly issue some additional software to improve the battery performance.

With the help of other accessories

Control panel of Energy Saver has provided several setting opinions to control the power consumption of apple laptop battery. It runs automatically as long as the laptop is on. Under the circumstances of power control, laptop will dim the screen by itself and save energy from other programs. Without it, the power may be consumed in a short time.

When you are at home, you’d better turn off all the light sources around. Therefore, you don’t need to lighten your screen, which can protect the battery to a certian extent. Besides, the wireless network of AirPort, Bluetooth, some applications and external devices will also cost you a lot of power energy. If not in use, please close them.

As to the maintenance of li-ion batteries, apple suggests that avoid keeping the laptop with the charger. For example, when off doing business, I always have a replacement m9326g/a with me. If in the office, I usually remove the battery and use the charger only. Furthermore, apple suggests that the battery should be deeply charged and discharged at least once a month. Then you can enjoy the apple laptop and additional functions as much as you like.

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