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Thursday, July 1, 2010

To save money, sony employed outsourcing companies for its after-sale service. Although these companies were selected by strict examination, it was hard to regularize the quality and work condition of all servicemen. Once there’s an accident happened to sony laptop battery, the gray area emerged, which made users confused who was to be blame.

Sony vaio laptop battery is said to be a combination of nature and technology. As a symbol of life, sony vaio has devoted much of its early development to new additional functions and appearance. However, as to sony vaio, after-sale service is still a life extension. From another point of view, after-sale service is closely related to the quality of sony products and credibility in society.

Nowadays, manufacturing management trends to be sound while the after-sale service is still out of the door. Actually, the price of products includes after-sale service which hasn’t a standard specification and relevant market entering. In many cases, when there’re some problems emerged in the outsourcing companies, sony begins to shift the responsibility. That is to say, the outsourcing companies have become an excuse to sony.

However, the fact is that even if it is the fault of outsourcing companies, sony will be injured in brand image and consumer trust if not actions taken. Such problems have appeared in many other laptop enterprises.

When a sony laptop battery or sony laptop battery charger is sold out, it doesn’t mean the responsibility from sony to users has been finished. From the moment of purchasing, the product becomes devalued while the after-sale service is the only basis for hedging. An enterprise who attaches importance to these details is bound to have a bright future in the market.

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