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Friday, July 2, 2010

HP laptop battery really has a great influence in the market. Maybe the problem is caused by result of accumulative emission instead of hp battery only. Recalling is really the last measure for hp who has the responsibility to maintain the tile of global largest PC manufacturer.

However, can recalling meet the requirements of hp users? After all it is to solve the problems thoroughly that hp decided to recall more batteries. It is no use for users to fear or worry about it. Without recalling, users won’t learn the defects until accidents happened again.

In my opinion, it is good for users to take an active part in the massive recall according to laptop models and description in hp official website. If necessary, contact the hp servicemen to solve all kind of problems in use.

Actually, recalling is not the ultimate aim but just a method to solve the problems. In the process of rapid development, li-ion batteries haven’t accepted strict examination. It is said that the steps of testing technology cannot catch up with that of li-ion batteries. To meet the ever-increasing demands of users, many manufacturers blindly pursue for high capacity, well-designed appearance and fast charging. Who should be blamed for these problems?

In purse of economical profits, how many people are considering about the environmental protection. Nowadays, more and more snack bars occur in our country. Most of the people prefer making money to fitness. If it were not for the movie of 2012 and financial crisis, maybe we are still in a strange spot. At the moment of accusing hp, please think of if we have thrown away the health and forgotten the essence of life. Here, I don’t want to talk about the theory anymore while the first step for us is to properly recycle the dead laptop battery.

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