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Friday, July 2, 2010

With skype phone springs up, it becomes more convenient for us to communicate with each other without the limitation from telephone expenses. To fulfill the functions of skype phone, there’re also some auxiliary equipments and software, such as skypemate software. Of course, the technology of skype phone still needs more improvement. Here, I want to introduce some kinds of skype phones and other equipments for your reference.

VOIP usb phone

VOIP usb phone is a common skype phone. Only connecting it to the usb interface of computer can it be used to have an Internet phone easily. Then it can be used just like a normal telephone with lower expense or even free.

As to the appearance, the phone is similar to the mobile phone in early times. Small and exquisite appearance makes it popularized soon in the market.

Furthermore, there’re also driver disks and synopsis as attachments for skype phones. It is unnecessary to worry about the price. Normally, they are much cheaper than mobile phones and some telephones.

Skype and skypemate

Skype is a kind of real-time speech communication tools on the Internet. It can provide high-quality voice communication by free with additional functions of video chat, multi-manned voice conference, file transmission and text chat. In addition, it is also available to any telephones and mobile phones in voice and message communication. Normally, it will only cost you about 1 to 2 dollars per hour.

Nowadays, as skype has covered nearly every corner of the world, skype phones are commonly used for international direct dials.

Solo skype phone

Solo skype phone is a kind of Internet phone with no computers needed. Only connecting it to the broadband network cable will the skype software be online all the day. As to the operation, it can be learned rapidly even by beginners. Certainly, it may be more expensive than some common skype phones.

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