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Monday, July 5, 2010

With more and more recalling events emerged, the problem of laptop battery has attracted more attention by the society. As a native brand in US, dell laptop battery is also ­caring about its fortune. Will it suffer from the similar problems?

Actually, there’s just something happened to dell. A report in New York Times exposed that dell was accused by University of Texas three years ago. When they were having an experiment by dell laptops, they suddenly found that the laptops are out of work. However, for this accident, dell just treated it by negation.

With more accidents emerged in dell laptop batteries, dell decided to conceal the problems. Although they have learned it is related to the battery quality, they don’t want the users to learn. This has caused many dell users to be kept in the dark while at the risk of data loss and other dangerous conditions.

Furthermore, dell has cost millions of dollars to reveal and solve the problems. When they are complained by users, they only provide a dell laptop replacement battery but not provide a definite answer to these problems.

In my opinion, the difference images, advertisement and reality, of dell laptop batteries are bound to destroy the reputation seriously. Especially for the exposure of this lawsuit, if not treated well, dell will walk forward to recalling. After all, dell laptop replacement battery won’t solve the problems of dell itself. Maybe recalling can help dell out before any more dangerous accidents happen.

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by: USB Phone World