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Monday, July 5, 2010
battery for ibm t30 laptop

IBM used to be a brand with millions of people mad about. It is also said to be the symbol of status. Especially for ibm t30, with stable performance and humanity design, it has conquered hundreds of users. But do you know the new battery for ibm t30 laptop will even improve the power beyond imagination?

With the rapid development of laptop technology, many new laptop models come into the world. However, the earlier ibm t30 hasn’t been forgotten by the market. There're probably a lot of reasons for it, but I think if there’s any methods to maximum its functions, it may be shocked back to life.

In 2003, ibm released its new laptop ibm thinkpad t30 which is light and practical with powerful functions. It was solid appearance of titanium alloy strengthened cover and good performance that comprehensively express the concept of stability and high-end business laptop.

However, its configuration seems to be nothing to speak of, laptop battery in particular. After all the power battery is no longer enough at present. Therefore, the new battery for ibm t30 battery will solve the problem well.

Actually, the laptop model is so old that no original suitable ibm thinkpad battery is available. Nevertheless, some compatible batteries can also wake up its life. Nowadays, the compatible laptop batteries are of 6 cells. The battery 02K7034 is specially designed for ibm t30 with the output current of 4400mAh. Then it can last for much longer than ever. In addition, a full year warranty is added as an attachment. I think you are bound to enjoy more of your favorite laptop than before.

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