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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
laptop battery

Most of people are striking for an extended laptop battery with a much longer standby time. However, have anyone considered if it is really good to reach it? After all, laptop computer is definitely different from mobile phone and other electronic products.

Compared to other electronic products, laptop computer is always with a bigger radiation effect which hurt us seriously. If the standby time of laptop batteries become much longer, that is to say, we may spend more time on the computer. Although we can get enough time to talk about business, is it necessary all the time? In some cases, the lower capacity laptop battery is also an excuse for us to have a rest.

In addition, the technology of laptop batteries is not mature enough. Even the former batteries cannot escape from accidents, how about the newly developed one? Meanwhile, there’s no good way of examination and code of conduct to meet with the technology. Even if the long standby time is available in laptop battery, we can’t insure if it is good in performance and quality. The additional functions have increased the demand on manufacturing and materials.

So is the laptop battery charger. If it is charging for a high capacity battery, what should be taken into account is if it can meet the requirements of both computer and battery. Otherwise, it seems to be more dangerous than any normal ones.

In my opinion, while processing to development technology, should we care more about human health? After all, it is human beings instead of computer that will be in charge of the world now and future. All of us have a crying need for health with more researches on radiation reduction.

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by: USB Phone World