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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Most of users are confused about how to get a replacement Dell AC adapter for laptop. Actually, there’s no the best one, even if it is an original, but the most appropriate adapter for you. After all, everyone has his own habits and requirements except for laptop models.

First of all, it is important to check the root cause of damage in the former AC adapter. For example, someone can use the adapter for more than two years while someone will find it is damaged for overloaded. Except for the adapter quality, it can show us some hidden information, such as capacity and charging time.

Secondly, it comes to the laptop models. As every Dell AC adapter is designed special for certain models. If you’re going to buy a compatible Dell adapter, you must have checked the output voltage and wattage before purchasing. Normally, a higher voltage one will make the laptop out of control while a lower voltage one cannot provide enough power to it. Besides, some other factors like circuit design are also related to the compatibility.

As to the output power, it should refer to the adapter capacity and recharging rate. When purchasing, you have to check if the power of replacement is not lower than that of former Dell AC adapter. Otherwise, it cannot meet the basic needs of laptop and battery.

Furthermore, for some users, a higher capacity or fast charging Dell adapter is a better choice. For those who work in a special condition, they need a high power adapter to keep more programs running smoothly. For those who are frequently on a business trip or work outside, they need a fast charging one to leave on a moment's notice.

In addition, there’s a kind of solar adapter in the market, which can be used in the car. Nowadays, nearly all the solar adapters are universal. And the price is much higher than others. If necessary, you can prepare one in your car. However, even if in the similar manufacturing process and materials, they are still not so good as a normal one in the performance for the additional functions.

Therefore, users should choose the suitable ac adapter according to their requirements. Every coin has two sides, so it is improper to pursue high usage and multifunction blindly.

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by: USB Phone World