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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The dog, named Bob, is always lovely and pretty boy. However, since I bought a new laptop computer, he’s always interested in the laptop power cord when I am playing with my laptop computer. How could he do like that?

dog and laptop power cord

One day, when I was dealing with my work on the computer, I suddenly found it power off. I was so angry that Bob was playing with my laptop charger unexpectedly, and it was unplugged from the outlet. From then on, he played with it every day while I have no way to fix it.

Therefore, every night I have to keep him away from my room in case of any serious accidents. After all, there’s no chance for him to contact my laptop power cord. What made me surprised is that he dared to bite it once I was out with laptop charger left there. What can I do?

Now I have to keep the battery in when working on my laptop computer to avoid data loss. And I’m worried if there will be any accidents happen to Bob and my power cord. Above all, Bob is at risk of electric shock when biting it. As to the charger, if it occurs to be an open circuit, AC adapter will be out of work. And the fur will also reserve more heat in it.

I guess that maybe I was so busy with the projects those days. Bob was so jealous that he just wanted to keep it away from me. Therefore, I try to spare more time to play with him. Gradually, he seems to be much better than before. However, he’s still interested in my power cord, which makes me confused. I can’t help to put some red chilli powder on it although I learn it is not so good to my laptop charger.

Recently, I find that Bob is frustrated that he can no longer play with it. But I feel a little bit gratifying that the dog is finally away from my laptop power cord.

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