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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Every month we have to deal with all kinds of bills which cost us a great deal. Especially for a firm, telephone charge is a huge part of administrative expenditure. Have you ever think about if one day we can be free from telephone bill?

Skype phone is a new released communication apparatus which is available in both Internet and traditional telecommunication network. In the past, we always considered these two channels as separate individuals. However, it is the Skype phone that achieved the integration. Therefore, we can not only enjoy the free charge of Internet communication but also the muli-functions of normal telephones.

Usually, we can have any calls to anywhere in the world on the Internet by Skype or some other communication messengers. Someone even knows that it is also called USB phone. Therefore, only connecting it to the USB interface can two communicators have a free call to each other on USB phones. Some USB cordless phones can even achieve communication in a certain range. When one of them occurs to be a traditional telephone, it will cost only a little money from Skye calling card while in some areas it is still free.

In addition, there’s also another device, USB phone adapter. It was not only a charger for Skype phone, but can transmit the normal telephones into a Skype phone. It looks like a modem on the appearance and principle. That is to say, even the normal phone can have a low charge in telephone calls which is unbelievable before.

Anyway, the advantage of Skype phone is more than the low cost while some other features can be enjoyed if you just have own one with you. In my opinion, it is the Skype phone that makes us closer to each other. With the development of technology, I think it is bound to have a long way to go with more humanity functions.

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