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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Speaking of Compaq laptop battery, most of users will associate it HP. Indeed, it has become a member of HP for nearly 9 years. However, for always keeping a low profile, many users don’t know clearly about its glorious past.

Compaq was established in 1982 by three senior managers from Texas Instruments Inc. In early times, Compaq had helped IBM to have its first section of PC portable computer which was said to be an ancestor of laptop. From then on, many laptop accessories of IBM were provided by Compaq.

Indeed, the quality and performance of Compaq laptop battery is of world-class level. It is believable that nearly no one can be compared to it. Although it has a history of only twenty-odd years, its achievement is very notable, which is really a miracle in laptop industry. However, it didn’t leave me a deep depression for its low profile.

As for Compaq Evo laptop battery, it is an accessory of Compaq high-end business series. At that time, for many businessmen, they prefer it to IBM T series, which is not only for its high performance but for its humanity design as well. Whatever, users can only feel the benefits after using.

In 2002, Compaq laptop battery was officially become a new HP laptop battery. Many people might think it is about the failure of Compaq in acquisition of DEC. In fact, it was the excellent service that made HP to surpass IBM in only a few years. Before consolidation, HP was always poor in its maintenance, after-sale service and consulting.

Although Compaq is not so good in business strategy, we just can’t help to consider it a silent contributor in the market. Without it, maybe we won’t have such a good performance laptop computer and accessories.

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