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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

As we all know, once electronics like laptop battery get flooded, it means it is close to damage or short circuit. As water is also a kind of liquid conductor which can go anywhere out of control if there’s any holes to pass through. However, at the first few minutes after getting flooded, it is possible to save your battery from short circuit.

remove laptop battery

Lenovo T60 battery, a 9-Cell li-ion laptop battery for both Lenovo and IBM Thinkpad laptop series, was once suffered from flooding water for my faults. At that time, I had just finished my work on my laptop with some database while drinking some water there. On closing the laptop, I was hit by my friend and it got flooded suddenly.

Actually, compared to the T60 battery, I was more worried about my Lenovo computer. Therefore, I sop up the water with a dry and clean towel rapidly before removing the laptop battery from the computer. Normally, as long as the water hasn’t infiltrated, it is at less risk of short circuit. After that, I wiped the interface of battery carefully with the towel as it is most likely to cause accidents even if there’s only a little water.

Nevertheless, I was still not felt so reassured of my Lenovo T60 battery that I went for a blow drier. There is no denying that although it seemed to be dry in surface, there would be some steams and droplet invisible to the naked eyes existed. So I dried the battery by blow drier to avoid any wetted gas or vapor produced by heat when laptop running.

After keeping them separated for less than one hour in a cool and dry room, the whole battery and computer returned back to normal work condition. I was congratulate on myself that I response quickly and took actions. Otherwise, I think not only my Lenovo T60 battery but also the computer will be destroyed.

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