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Monday, July 26, 2010

It seems to be our nature that it is not until we lose the former performance of AC adapter that we begin to realize the importance of the adapter. By comparison, we see more clearly about its advantages and the convenience it provided than before. However, it is late for us to treasure every happy moment with the adapter.

ac adapter

As AC adapter is always a silent contributor with less contact with us, we often disregard its feelings while it is sensitive really. Actually, after burned by the heat of the adapter, we will realize how much pressure has been added to the little device. Even so, it still works hard to provide enough power energy to laptop battery and the other components.

HP Compaq laptop AC power adapter is a 65W AC adapter that I used to use. Although it is not so powerful that I was surprised a lot, it really has provided me a good work condition with continuous power energy and stable charging period. At that time, I haven’t imagined that one day it will be sick if not kept in good repair. No wonder people always say that young people always take their good fortune for granted.

As a matter of fact, the damage comes earlier to the Compaq laptop power cord than the AC adapter. Since every time I wound the power cord around HP Compaq laptop AC power adapter after use, a problem cropped up to its interface of poor contact.

Afterwards, I found that it does not only happen to the Compaq laptop power cord but the whole adapter as well. By the time I realized the size of the problem, it was too late to activate it that I have to replace the whole AC adapter.

As far as HP Compaq laptop AC power adapter is concerned, it is not only an external charger but also a necessary part of my HP laptop. If possible, I might have maintained it good and kept it with me for at least three years.

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