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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HP 402018 001 is a compatible charger for HP and Compaq laptops. Like many other normal adapters, it is limited by space according to the length of its laptop power cord. Even so, as it is good in quality and performance, it seems to be prior to others in charge rate.

AC adapter is a device to provide power energy to battery and laptop with charge and discharge key and board. Compared to some DC chargers, it has a more complex internal circuit, especially for laptop ac adapter. With high pressure in both charge voltage and current, it is harder for AC adapter to reach the charging speed by the level of normal chargers. No mentioned if it is faster.

hp 402018 001, ac adapter

As for HP 402018 001, it is of 65W output power with the necessary voltage of 18.5V. Although it seems to have no advantage in specifications for this AC adapter, the stable internal electronic circuits make it to be more safe and good in performance while it is at low risk of overheat and enough time to prevent from overcharging.

As I learned, the primary contributor to HP 402018 001 occurs to be its charge system. Normally, charge temperature determines the consumption of actual power of AC adapter. Meanwhile, the charge temperature is also related with internal resistance and charge current. Although these details are ignored by most users, they really have a great effect on the adapter charge speed.

Of course, the interior and exterior materials of HP 402018 001 are another factors to increase its speed. Even if power energy has to transfer through laptop power cord, it will run faster than in other mediums for the characters of certain materials.

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