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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

As flood damage has increased in US, we cannot take any chances ourselves. Actually, the consumer electronics like laptop battery are susceptible to the flood. Then how to prevent the battery from flood damage has become a pressing task to us.

As is known to all, laptop batteries are with liquid electrolyte inside the cells, which is obvious for one with high capacitance likem9326g/a. Even so, water is dangerous to laptop battery, especially when it flows into the internal electronic circuit. As a high capacity Apple laptop battery always has high charge efficiency, flood damage will be more serious to the battery and users.

m9326g/a, apple laptop battery

First, please check if there’s anything wet or rupture on the surface of Apple laptop battery. Only with this step completed can we go to the next step. Otherwise, any other accidents are possible to happen.

Second, please remove your laptop battery from laptop with nearly 40% capacitance stored. For example, m9326g/a is a battery for Apple PowerBook G4 17-inch Series. If it is indicated to be full, please try to play the laptop to the greatest extent until there’s about 40% left. If it is indicated to be empty, please charge this Apple laptop battery to 40% of the full power.

Third, please go for a dry plastic bag and put the laptop battery into it after cooling down. And it is better for users to put the whole bag in a higher place to avoid the wet of container if not in use. Of course, we should also confirm the place is cool and dry.

As a matter of fact, after affected by flood damage, even if it hasn’t influenced our daily life directly, the moist exhaled air is still harmful to your laptop battery. Please take care of your battery.

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