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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In the market of laptop battery, there’re many large manufactures vie with each other, such as Sony, Dell, HP and so on. However, since many accidents happened to them, the competition seems to be different while some new brands spring up, Gateway MX8710 laptop battery included.

gateway mx8710 laptop battery

Although Gateway has established and had splendid achievements for decades, Gateway laptop battery is not so popular as it should be. Speaking of lithium-ion batteries, nearly everyone will think about Sony instead of Gateway. Actually, no matter what components, such as shell, electrolyte and electrode, it has advanced technologies and strict examination.

Gateway MX8710 laptop battery comes to be a typical lithium-ion battery for Gateway. Only from the appearance can we see that the battery is well-designed in rabbet joints, shell materials, flatness on the surface and so on. As for the internal electronic circuits, they are all well arranged with enough space for them. And the primary contributor to the battery occurs to be the cells. Thanks to these cells materials, it can afford a higher temperature with less performance reduced.

In addition, as Gateway MX8710 laptop battery is of 14.8 V in maximum voltage, compared to other batteries, it seems to be much safer. Under this circumstance, the passed power energy won’t produce heat as much as one with lower open-circuit voltage and same output power. In the process of charging, 14.8V provides this lithium-ion battery for Gateway enough time to react and prevent from accidents.

As to laptop battery, except for those additional functions, users pay more attention to the quality, performance, safety and stability. In my opinion, it is the excellent basic factors that make Gateway MX8710 laptop battery a dark horse in the market.

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