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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

As to laptop power cord, nearly every laptop users has experienced to condition of falling down by the power cord. Similarly, have you ever considered that a poor quality laptop charger with poor contact in the interface will also be an obstacle in the path of your success?

Except for some solar ones, most of laptop chargers are designed with laptop power cord in both sides of the adapter. Gateway laptop power cord, for example, has prepared for certain distance between the laptop to the external power supply in the process of design and manufacturing.

laptop power cord

As a matter of fact, too long or too short laptop power cord is neither good to users but the laptop charger itself. In the office, if complicated power cords exist there, it will make our staffs at high risk of falling down. If we choose to collect it by a concentrator, it comes to be influence on the internal circuit of the cord.

In addition, a poor quality laptop power cord is possible for you to wreck your career. Something has happened to one of my friends before that he used to summary the customer database and projects on his Gateway laptop. And one day, his colleague careless stepped on his Gateway laptop power cord, which led to his laptop power off suddenly and data loss to a certain degree. We can imagine the loss of my friend, his colleague and his company in both economic and mental.

And what I want to tell you is that the accidents are no more than that. As the power energy transmitted through laptop power cord, especially for the part from outlet to the adapter, it is with high voltage and current. Once it occurs to be open-circuit, someone who careless step on it may be electric shock seriously, which seems to lose more.

Therefore, please go for a high-quality laptop charger with good performance in laptop power cord. If you maintain the charger carefully, you won’t be a victim in the path of success.

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