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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nowadays, online degree courses have become more and more popular in the society. And I learn about it from one of my Skype phone friends, Johnny. In the financial crisis, I was frustrated by unemployment. After introduction of these courses, I realized that what I can do is to improve myself by training for my career.

After losing my job, I was troubled by the debt in my credit cards. To pay them back with debt increasing every single day, I had to lend money from my friends. As we were those who have the same illness sympathize with each other, we have spent a lot of time and money on telephone expense. It is at that time that I bought my first Skype phone, that is, USB phone adapter.

After the adapter installed, I can have any phone calls with my friends by free with only Internet expenses. And I have also made a lot of friends from the Internet by Skype phone with the help of skypemate Windows 7. The benefits I got are not only bon humeur and low expense but also have more knowledge of all walks of life. At that time, one of them recommended me online degree courses.

I was really impressed by his story of online degree course because I can see my own reflection from the story. In the past, we were both striving for economical profits instead of appreciate fields. Johnny realized that he was interested in gardening more than finance. It has cost him a great deal of courage to face the truth and began his online degree course of gardening.

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After observing his courses by Skype phone conferences, I found it is really a good idea to restart my career to earning a living at home. And I believe that I will have a brilliant future after finding this suitable online degree course with many friends in the same industry to communicate from Skype phone.

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