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Monday, August 2, 2010

Since it has entered into the era of lithium-ion laptop battery, many manufacturers are proud of its better performance and high energy density. Without the limitation of memory effect, the batteries seem to be more convenient in use while some other guarantees gone. Then I can’t help to ask whether or not it is good for laptop battery to get rid of memory effect.

dell latitude laptop battery, ud260

In early times, as Ni-mh Dell Latitude laptop battery is with memory effect, users have to activate it frequently to get enough charge capacity. Compared to lithium-ion ones, this kind of effect has limited users a lot by fully charge and discharge. Otherwise, it may have a narrow range of battery storage inside.

However, memory effect is also a factor of protection to prevent laptop battery from overload. Lithium-ion laptop batteries, exemplified by ud260, can work normal only with protection circuit. Without enough memory effect, it will continue to accept power energy from external power supply even if it has reached the limitation of current and voltage. That is to say, once the protection circuit comes to be out of order, it is likely for battery to be overheating.

Nowadays, it is uncommonly for us to see Ni-mh or Ni-cd Dell Latitude laptop battery in the market. Except for memory effect, high energy density is another contributor for lithium-ion battery to be a successful replacement. Within the similar period, lithium-ion ones can be fully charge much more rapidly. Thanks to this kind of efficiency, new Dell Latitude laptop battery tends to reply more on protection circuit instead of any other components.

In my opinion, although memory effect has restricted laptop battery a lot in use, it is obviously necessary to exist. After all, safety and stability are more indispensable to users. At the moment of high-effect work, we come to realize that quality is usually more important to quantity only.

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