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Friday, July 30, 2010

Although I have taken part in the industry of AC adapter for a period, I haven’t thought hard about the meaning behind it. It was until one of my friends told me that he had received a gift HP 402018 001 from his business partner that I realized more about it.

In the process of laptop running, the AC adapter seems to be a necessary but not significant tool to provide enough power energy. Without it, the laptop cannot work normally. If it occurs to be damage, we will be troubled for its special designed in electricity voltage, mains frequency, cut off system and so on. All these make the charger a unique one to laptop instead of a universal for all.

This gift of HP Compaq laptop AC power adapter, HP 402018 001, as is compatible with only several HP and Compaq laptop series, we can see care and support from the giver.

First, from the AC adapter, we have learned that the business partner is care about my friend. If he has no idea of his daily life, he can’t find a suitable one for his laptop. And the gift has really surprised my friend a lot and he is moved by his partner.

Besides, as HP Compaq laptop AC power adapter is a supportive part to the computer, it has just shown the relationship between my friend and his business partner. Normally, the transformer is to provide appropriate power energy to laptop while protect it from over charge by cut off system.

Last but not least, this gift of AC adapter has reminded my friend of his business partner frequently in the process of working. And compared to his colleagues, his laptop computer performs more smoothly and stably, which has improved his work efficiency a lot. And I just can’t help to respect his business partner to have such a good idea.

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