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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Since the issue of protection circumstances has become a matter of concern for more and more people, electronic products have been focus on in recycling and manufacturing. Meanwhile, a kind of refurbished laptop battery emerged in the market with the banner of protection circumstances, which is ridiculous in its functions and effects.

Although it is said that consumer electronics are harmful to nature to some extent, especially when they come to be dead, we have methods to reduce the pollution like recycling. In Germany, some caves have been selected to store those used batteries, which are advanced in special treatments of leakage and seal.

Refurbished Laptop Battery

However, refurbished laptop battery seems to be anti-polluted in the appearance while the poor quality will cause more contaminants. Normally, a lithium-ion laptop battery, m9326g/a, is rated at 10.8V and 5400mAh. As to a refurbished one, even if indicated with same specifications, it cannot reach the charge level with shorter shelf life.

As for Apple laptop battery, it has to be with enough output power for more energy will be reduced in Apple. Normally, refurbished laptop batteries have been consumed before purchasing. And we even don’t learn about how it has been used and its usage time. If it hasn’t reached the necessary voltage of laptop computer, it will influence the computer speed at the risk of overheating.

As to the battery itself, a refurbished one cannot last for a long time as a normal battery should be. It will pose a great threat to all the internal components if we use a refurbished Apple laptop battery as if it is a new one with normal specifications. Only the heat it has produced is a kind of air pollution to promote global warming.

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