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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Actually, it is in a year ago today that an accident of electricity leakage happened in HP adapter, which has raised a great influence in the market for dispute between HP and users. It is universally acknowledged that leakage is a dangerous phenomenon to laptop charger, which ranks only second to overheat.

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Compare to charge time, the security of HP adapter seems to be more important to users. Even if a powerful laptop charger can fully charge the laptop battery and computer components in less than two hours, it cannot get rid of checking in stability, internal resistances and interface. After all, chargers are the products in recurrent use and only ones last for long can be regarded as a high-quality charger.

Speaking of leakage of electricity, the primary problems are most likely to happen in HP notebook power cord. Although we might not have paid enough attention to the cable, it seems to have a great influence in the security of laptop charger, the interface between power cord and AC adapter in particular. And actually, the accident last year was just caused by it.

For users, we cannot until the leakage happens to us and laptop charger that we come to realize its perniciousness. As a matter of fact, leakage is frequently caused by the process of manufacturing more than incorrect use of default. With technology developed, the problems of HP notebook power cord have been solved by most of manufacturers while the accidents are rare to us, which must be checked before purchasing.

As a result, nowadays we can totally feel secure about the quality of laptop charger with HP adapter included. Certainly, we should also take efforts to prevent these accidents happen to us by careful checking before.

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